Company culture takeaways from IGDA Leadership Day and Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2019

  • leadership
  • fostering company culture
  • building great teams

IGDA Leadership Day

There was slight typo in the end of the slide, so I corrected it to what Mirella said there was supposed to read.
  1. As a facilitator, lay 100 Dixit cards of the table or floor before the meeting starts.
  2. In the beginning of the meeting let everyone pick 2–3 cards that look interesting or resonate with them in some way at the moment.
  3. After the cards have been picked, do a round where everyone tells why they picked the cards or what feelings or thought the cards cause.
  4. Something magical happens everytime we do this. People will be more open towards others when the actual meeting begins, as we’ve lifted our masks at least partly.
  5. Do a quick check-out round after the meeting to let people share how everyone felt about the session as a whole.

Pocket Gamer Connects Big Screen Gaming track

  • A game that’s like the odd kid in the school
  • Games that feel so special that they give butterflies to stomach

Pocket Gamer Connects Indie track

Pocket Gamer Connects Vision & Values track




Dad. Geek. UX Director.

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Johannes Koski

Johannes Koski

Dad. Geek. UX Director.

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